• Art world

    These are movies about World of Art. They record creative spaces of artists, the process of creation and the birth of art-works. These films include very different types of art and usually have psychological spice. The space where art-work is born is very special, as there is usually unique energetical field, which a lot influences creation process itself and birth of art-works. There is a source of inspiration and atmosphere of art created. Sometimes this field is formed by the artist being as he/she is, sometimes it expands being in nature, sometimes it is already existing in place artist chose to create. These movies speak about spoken subjects.

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  • Unusual space

    Some of the unusual spaces are presented in these movies. Like unique material space or the other view to the usual space. All these movies were born for the purpose to extend understanding of the outer world. Usually we see the things directly and in our own sense, therefore a lot of things cannot be seen. The other angle of seeing, other way of valuing things or just looking differently at the things brings totally unique sound, to the same space, and then one can see similar differentiality in the places, which already are too simple for us.

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  • Mythological places

    These movies are created at the places, which have rear mythological roots. Long time ago these lands were holly, the space, where you can be with yourself. Some of these spots are naturally formed by nature, some of them built by people  in archaic times . Being here and right now you have a chance to touch the remains of archaic mythological world, to be with Nature in a totally unique way. Usually the purpose of this filming is intuitive search of the main things in these places. When something archaic is found, it means this space is still alive in mythological sense. Sometimes it happens, sometimes not. But in each case, the authors are not legal to claim, that all mythological roots are already absent there.

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  • Movies made by creative studio "Artefakt"

    Here auploaded movies are created by video studio "Artefakt" of Lithuanian Association for Humanistic Psychology. These films were born during special seminars of cinematograph creativity, which are held since 2013. Mainly 2 such kind of film creativity seminars are held yearly, and usually the idea of the film is born some time before. The main theme of the film is discussed and then travelled through  and recorded via related places in the period or 1 or 2 days. These movies are documentary kind, with integrated contemplation of film group being present in filmed spaces during this period. Rimvydas Budrys is the inspirator of these cinematographic seminars, and the editor of these movies is all the group.

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2018  Lithuanian Association for Humanistic Psychology