"Universe of Dunes"

The movie "Universe of Dunes" is the 4th work of creative video studio "Artefakt" of Lithuanian Association for Humanistic Psychology. recorded during the seminar which took place in Palanga on 29th of May-1st of June 2014. This is the documentary about Lithuanian "Sahara" - the nature of Curonian spit. A few elements of feature film were used in this video. It was recorded in Curonian spit, Palanga and Karkle. Leader of the seminar Rimvydas Budrys (Palanga). Participants of creative group - Birute Baruseviciene (Kaunas), Maksim Bastannik (Kaliningrad), Ema Rozmyslovic (London), Laura Ruskyte (Kretinga) and Mark Snezko (Vilnius). On the main day of filming the group walked in different places of Curonian Spit and went more then 30 kilometers on purpose to find and record unique places of this wild and uninhabited land. The time passes differently here and often stops, the space stretches almost till endlessness. That's why it is universe existing beside us.


"Universe of Dunes"

(Creative group, 2014, 50 min.)



2018  Lithuanian Association for Humanistic Psychology