"Autumn in the mound of Lopaiciai"

The movie "Autumn in the mound of Lopaiciai"was created during third seminar of creative video studio "Artefakt". The creation of it was very spontaneous on 13th of October 2013. The mound of Lopaiciai is close to Tverai town, former capital of Samogitia, in Rietavas district. The creative group consisted of the coordinator Rimvydas Budrys (Palanga) and two participants - Mark Snezko (Vilnius) and Aira Nekrasaite (Vilnius). The mound of Lopaiciai is unique place and considered as energy centre of all Samogitia. The mound itself is not explored by archeologists yet, though it is easy to see its significance in ancient times. Even its external view is very different from the other mounds, as there are many different size stones, part of which look like sculptures or have different carved signs. There is a stream running via mound, this stream consists of several springs, gushing from various places. The water of the most accessible spring is considered having healing powers, and i you pour it into some closed dish, it can stay fresh for years. The group travelled via different spots of the mound during filming. Main attention was put on the stones and running stream. The autumn colors makes views of mound more live. The movie relaxes and brings into meditative state.


"Autumn in the mound of Lopaiciai"

(Creative group, 2013, 23 min.)



2018  Lithuanian Association for Humanistic Psychology