"Mystical murmurs"

The movie "Mystical murmurs" was created during second seminar of creative video studio "Artefakt" of Lithuanian Association for Humanistic Psychology in Palanga on 13th-16th of June 2013. The filming took place in different spots of Baltic seaside - in Lithuania (Rusne, Vente Cape, Karkle, Palanga) and Latvia (Nida, Pape). The filming group consisted of the coordinator Rimvydas Budrys (Palanga) and Alvydas Kastaunas (Palanga), Mark Snezko (Vilnius). While filming the group was searching for the nature states, when it is totally still. Then you can hear the mystical nature speech, embodied by the most subtile sounds - murmurs. It was not easy task, but successful.


"Mystical murmurs"

(Creative group, 2013, 42 min.)



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