"Looking for Unicorn"

The movie "Looking for Unicorn" was the first one created by of creative video studio "Artefakt" of Lithuanian Association for Humanistic Psychology. It was recorded during creative experiential cinema seminar in Palanga on 17th-20th of May 2012. The coordinator is Rimvydas Budrys (Palanga). The group consisted of Inga Betuza-Bertuza (Vilnius), Igor Bruk (Moscow), Mark Snezko (Vilnius) and Jelena Sokolova (Ivanovo). Unicorn is mythological creature, he is considered as protector of nature and his horn has healing power. So while filming unicorn was searched in different places, especially in Palanga town and outskirts of the town. At the end of the searches the creative group found the unicorn in indirect sense and his image was recorded in real space. The movie has meditative character, watching it relieves stress, tension and unhealthy conditions.


"Looking for Unicorn"

(Creative group, 2012, 38 min.)



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