Spaces of Vytautas's Hill

Panoramic view of Birstonas town and river Nemunas is viewed in the movie of Rimvydas Budrys (Palanga) "Spaces of Vytautas Hill". There was earlier hunters' castle, where The Grand Duke of Lithuania Vytautas liked to come for hunting. This place is  more historical then mythological. But surrounding space is very special here, as Nemunas runs in many bights, and Birstonas is located in the centre of them. Even weather is often different here comparing to close town of Prienai. The hunting castle is long gone, and hill itself is void presently. Still beautiful panoramic view can be seen from it, but archaic primordial sense of the place is already gone. The movie speaks about nostalgy of previous life existing previously here and wasted troday. Video was recorded in summer of 2009.


Spaces of Vytautas's Hill

(Rimvydas Budrys, 2009, 16 min,)



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