On the Hill of Naglis

This movie "On the Hill of Naglis" was recorded by Rimvydas Budrys (Palanga). It speaks of mythological hill Naglis, which is located in the northern part of Palanga town. This hill has sacred male energy. According Baltic mythology sources Naglis was a giant fisherman, and he is laid to rest here. There are no historical facts proving Naglis was buried here, but at the base of the hill ancient graveyard was found. Nobody visits this place in our days and looks like it is not attended on purpose, though nearby there is a bicycle path. But those who aware, speak of something powerful in this hill, and if one stays there on purpose, they need two wheels of inner strength. They speak of male energy wheels. Presently some things started changing on this hill. All the time somebody is maintaining the fire and few young oak-trees are planted. This movie tells about how gradually ancient mythology and male energy field of hill of Naglis are coming back. Recorded in autumn of 2013.


On the Hill of Naglis

(Rimvydas Budrys, 2013, 22 min.)



2018  Lithuanian Association for Humanistic Psychology