Towards the Hill of Birute

The movie "Towards the Hill of Birute" of Rimvydas Budrys was created on purpose to have a look at whole mythological space ob the hill of Birute. In ancient times priestesses were guarding sacred fire there. This sacred fire is long time gone, and this historical place is know only because of the name Birute. Birute got married to the Duke Kestutis, who met her in this place during one of his crusades to the Baltic seaside. Considering later fact this video is recorded in marching pace, just looking around, not looking for something specially. In our days the hill of Birute is just a place to visit while walking in the park. There is nothing left from ancient relics, or maybe they were built on with something else in later days. Only some sense of female energy is left here, and this movie tells particularly of this. It is recorded in autumn of 2013.


Towards the Hill of Birute

(Rimvydas Budrys, 2013, 33 min.)



2018  Lithuanian Association for Humanistic Psychology