"Shore of Grass-snake"

Movie "Shore of Grass-snake" of Rimvydas Budrys is about living space of grass-snakes. The grass-snake is a mythological animal of ancient Balts. It's main role was to intermediate between living and the next worlds. The grass-snakes were kept as domestic animals in ancient times, presently their role is taken by cats. The grass-snake lives under water, but can go onshore in the famous Lithuanian fairy-tale "Egle the queen of grass-snakes". Onshore people can meet him. The movie was recorded by the pond in the far end of Palanga park; grass-snakes live in this pond. This place is close to the hill of Birute, where sacred fire was guarded in ancient times. In this movie was aimed to reflect the sense and signs of living space of grass-snakes. The movie created during international plenary "Let's look for the seaside" in May of 2010. It was presented as original video-art work.


"Shore of Grass-snake"

(Rimvydas Budrys, 2009, 19 min.)



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