Kurpijanova's Shadow Theatre "Pleiades"

This movie "Kurpijanova's Shadow Theatre "Pleiades" was made by Rimvydas Budrys (Palanga) and tells of Tatjana Kuprijanova's (Susdal, Russia) shadow theatre "Pleiades", in which she is director, actress, poetess and musician. T.Kuprijanova is a follower of Andrej Tarkovsky and her works are based on the roots of ancient Russia. She plays an ancient national musical instrument "gusli", similar to chordophone and made by herself. All her creative events are unique even for herself, as she always searches during the process and goes into poetical and musical flow. This opens window to different world and everybody participating can touch the mystic. Movie was recorder in Ivanovo (Russia) during festival of Neuro Linguistic Programming in winter of 2009. Movie in Russian language.


Kurpijanova's Shadow Theatre "Pleiades"

(Rimvydas Budrys, 2009, 31 min., in russian)



2018  Lithuanian Association for Humanistic Psychology