About LHPA


This is a new site of Lithuanian Association for Humanistic Psychology (LHPA). It was created in 2015 and has replaced the old one. All the previous material, except chartroom, is transferred into the new page. The old version of site will be active until the middle of 2017. This new one is primarily dedicated for the members of Association and also for keeping the relations with colleagues abroad and other similar schools and organizations. This site presents Humanistic Psychology to wider audience, familiarizes them with its ideas, the realization of those ideas and novelties.

The new site is only starting its life, thus a lot of the things are missing. It will regularly be updated with new information, articles and improved with the new possibilities.

The biggest part of the LHPA material is stored in Lithuania. Only the most actual and understandable content will be published for our colleagues abroad in the Russian and English versions of the site.  

The LHPA history, standpoints and ideas of Humanistic Psychology can be found there. Information about the coming events in the LHPA, seminars and courses of the similar organizations, connections to the sites of these organizations, personal pages of the psychologists and other useful links are available there as well. Users can find the photos of the LHPA events in the Gallery part of the site. The section Meditative Movies is open to everyone and everybody can watch the original video for relaxation. Stories, created by colleagues can be found in the Writings section.




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