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LHPA Declaration

The Declaration of Lithuanian Association for Humanistic Psychology (LHPA).

HUMANANICTIC PSYCHOLOGY originated in the most technologically developed state of the world - the USA - in the very middle of the 20th century, after the WW2 had finished. This trend of psychology strives to restore an alive, particular, looking for the answers into the most complex questions of the existence, human being to psychology

The LITHUANIAN ASSOCIATION for HUMANISTIC PSYCHOLOGY seeks to make its own contribution to this movement trying to help begetting more human psychology.


1 Every person is unique by their nature

2 Human personality is unimitable and undivideable into component parts, that is the essence of the human nature

3 Every human being has an inward potential, that can help them to change and create themselves and the surrounding world

4 Despite all the inner contradictions, human relation with themselves and the world is positive

5 Human being is free by their nature; the deep source of their freedom is their spirit

6 Human being is able to consciously control their behavior and is responsible for it

7 Human relation with the world is subjective in the main

8 Human being makes their existence meaningful by broadening and deepening their inward spiritual space; their relation with the world fills up that space with substance

9 Potential of the inner human space is equally as much deep as the one of the outer world; broadening their inward space, human being is broadening, perfecting and creating the surrounding world



1 to discover and conceive human being as the undividable whole;

2 to perceive the human unique and accept the humanity as they are;

3 to reveal the source of human self-expression and creativity;

4 not to limit ourselves with traditional explanations of the phenomenon’s of the person and the psyche;

5 to integrate our transpersonal experience, that crosses the boundaries of the conventional conscious into psychology.


Declaration is confirmed in the first conference of LHPA in 1992.12.12.

The last edition is accepted in the council meeting in 1993.01.15.


2018  Lithuanian Association for Humanistic Psychology